General Forms and Information


District Nominee Form (due until we get enough names)  pdf       word


"Camp Woe-Be-Gone" skit used at 2019 retreat


Mites Remittance Vouchers  

Letter to the societies regarding MITES


Society Officer Information Form    society pdf     fillable word     Online Society Entry

Zone Officer Information Form    zone pdf         fillable word        Online Zone Entry



Individual Membership Application    pdf 

Individual or Non-Active Society Quarterly/Echo Information   pdf

Nebraska South District By-Laws   pdf

Standing Rules   pdf

Who to contact with problems receiving the Quarterly?  VP of Communication

Who to contact about "The Echo" articles?   ECHO Editor



comment posted by Susan Thomas on 07-31-2019
I am looking for the Bylaws section on Special Mission Grants, and it is not included in the online version. It should be Article 18 according to the Index.
comment posted by Luree Wiese on 10-22-2018
I am looking for the form to submit mites, etc as per the Oct 9 letter. I would like to complete it on the computer instead of handwriting it each month. Please help.
comment posted by on 10-19-2018
Is there a downloadable Archivist/Historian form for the Societies for 2018? or just the one from prior years?
comment posted by Webmaster on 10-09-2018
I double checked, and the email is not a required field, but a phone number is. Please try to submit again.
comment posted by Marion Casburn on 10-07-2018
I can't forward the Society Officers Information Form because one of the ladies does not have an email address. It won't allow it to be forwarded. Who should I mail it to? Thanks
comment posted by Marion Casburn on 09-29-2018
One of our officers does not have email address and it won't allow this form to be forwarded without that filled out. I tried to put my email address in that space but that wasn't accepted either.
comment posted by Kathy Anderson, V.P of Communication on 04-11-2018
I will send you a copy of the LWML Directory. That will have the ZONE information on it, that you are looking for since you have your email address included in your request. Blessings!! Kathy
comment posted by Penny Meyer at on 04-09-2018
I was Looking for the Zone information for officers of each zone, just name and phone number. Is that available via this website and I an not seeing it.