YWRs and Teens at Convention


The Leader Development Committee is looking forward to meeting the teens and young women that will be in attendance at the 2018 District Convention. Here are some things we’d like you to know.

      If you get cold easily, bring a cardigan or jacket. Convention halls are always cold!

      Be prepared to be loved on by the more seasoned women of the LWML. They love to see young women involved with this great organization!

      The teens will have a designated table to sit at during the business sessions while the YWRs will be sitting with the zone presidents.

      All are encouraged to attend the servant events on Friday afternoon. It is a great time to meet people, form relationships, and serve the Lord with gladness at the same time.

      We would like all the YWRs to attend the 7:00 breakout session with Kaye Wolff on Friday evening. VP Kaye will be talking about the LWML, and this will be very educational for you. We will plan to sit together.

      After the President’s reception Friday night, we invite all teens and young women to join us for a time of Bible journaling. This will be a time to dive into God’s Word and get to know one another. Please bring a Bible you have no qualms about writing/coloring in.

      All teens and young women are invited to a luncheon with President Katy Gifford and VP Kaye Wolff. YWRs will get their pins during this time.