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September 6-7, 2019

Covenant Cedars Bible Camp

(north of Hordville, Exit 338-Henderson)


"Renew, Refresh, and Restore"   

Psalm 51:10-12

                                                               visit www.cedars.org for more pictures



Session Topics are:

Bible Journaling with Monica Hays - Who says you can’t write in the pages of your Bible? Journaling, drawing pictures, praying scripture as you color – all of this can be done as worship.

Generation to Generation with Glenda Dobbertien - Bible references will be explored that encourage us to share God’s truths with the next generation. Creative ideas will be shared that will give specific ways to relate Biblical truths with our children and grandchildren.

Prayer Journaling with Deanna Feddern - Prayers are a way that we speak to God, no matter what form they are in. Deanna will take us through Prayer Journaling as a way of sending specific prayers to our Father in heaven.

Pottery with Greg Schatz - While Greg found himself being transformed from the potter to becoming the clay, he became intrigued by the symbolism of God being our Potter and us being the clay (Isaiah 64:8). Greg will share what he has learned about being the clay, while making pots, and talking about the symbolism.

ON a Mission or IN Mission? with Molly Dixon - Molly will talk about how she went from being a Lutheran woman ON a Mission to being a Lutheran woman IN Mission. There is a very big difference between the two. Thanks to the ladies of the LWML who took her in, Molly found "home" IN Mission with her favorite group of people.

Hymn Sing with Angie Becker & Katy Gifford - This workshop is exactly what is sounds like it would be. Will there be singing a capella? Probably. Will there be kazoos, singing in rounds, singing to the doxology? Most likely. Come and see for yourself.



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