2020-2022 Mission Grant Summaries

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Summaries of 2020-2022 Mission Grants

  • $10,000 Orphan Grain Train Central Nebraska shipping to Baltic Countries

Central Nebraska OGT ships between one and three 40-foot containers each year to Pastor Artis Eglitis in Latvia for distribution to children in orphanages, as well as needy adults, in the Baltic countries. Shipments generally include quilts and blankets, summer and winter clothing, coats, shoes, toys, bikes, hygiene supplies, wheelchairs, walkers and crutches, school supplies, hospital beds and medical equipment, as well as other items specifically requested.

  • $32,000 Church Worker Student Scholarships

This grant would support future pastors, teachers, musicians, DCEs and deaconesses. These future church workers attending one of our LCMS synodical colleges and seminaries often graduate with large amounts of debt. This grant aims to provide scholarships to help alleviate the financial burden as these students study for service in the Church. Students would receive up to $1,000 per year.

  • $10,000 Tuition Assistance for Jesus Our Savior Lutheran Preschool, Winnebago, Nebraska

This grant would provide tuition for children to attend this preschool on the Winnebago Reservation in northeast Nebraska. At our school many students hear about Jesus for the first time. These preschoolers often live in single parent household and in poverty. The purpose of our preschool is to spread the true Word of God to our students and their families.

  • $7,500 Missionary Support at Just the Right Time/Mission Central

LWML Nebraska South mite dollars will be used solely for the support of LCMS missionaries whose goal is to spread the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ. Mission Central’s Mr. Gary Thies and Rev. Dr. Brent Smith are in regular, frequent contact with our missionaries in the field and will be ready to direct your funds immediately where needed.

  • $8,000 Lutheran Family Services Military and Veterans Services Program

Lutheran Family Services Military and Veterans Services program assists all active members of the military and veterans, regardless of discharge status or ability to pay. LFS provides military clients with direct clinical services or therapy, telehealth, and peer-to-peer services.

  • $5,000 Adopt an Orphanage

The goal of the Adopt an Orphanage Mission is to provide each child with the love of Jesus and let them know that Jesus is their Savior. We do this by providing medicine, vitamins and hygienic products. It is an ongoing mission from Orphan Grain Train that was founded by Rev. John and June Reehl, and these new funds would continue this mission.

  • $5,000 Mental Health Access for College Students and Millennials in Lincoln Area

The state of mental health in our country is at a crisis level, and young adults between 15-24 years old are at a high risk for depression, suicide, and other mental health concerns. The University Lutheran Chapel and GracePoint Institute for Relational Health are partners in downtown Lincoln, serving students and nearby residents with Christ-centered ministry and counseling opportunities. Your grant will provide funds to ensure that Christian counseling will be accessible to college students and millennials, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • $8,000 HIS Kids Camp Scholarships and Bunks

This grant is to continue offering His Kids camp at a reduced price to ensure all God’s people with special needs can afford to attend camp and learn about Jesus. It will also assist in upgrading bunk beds and mattresses to allow the proper support, health requirements, and comfort needed for many of His Kids campers.

  • $3,000 Food and Clothing Co-op at Concordia Seminary Food Purchase, Fort Wayne

This Food and Clothing Co-op plays a key role in caring for the needs of your future pastors and deaconesses by providing clothing, household items and up to 85% of their groceries for the Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne student body at no monetary cost to the student. As an actual cooperative, each family works an agreed amount of time each month to receive points they will use to purchase grocery items.

  • $3,000 Gospel Outreach to International Students, Lutheran Chapel, Lincoln, NE

God is bringing hard to reach areas of the world right to our doorstep. The Lutheran Chapel is serving, building relationships and sharing the Gospel with students from countries like China, Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This grant will help us reach these students by providing free moving help, connecting them to an ongoing relationship via connection meals, and placing the Gospel message in their native language in their hands.

  • $5,000 Bible Books for Families in Ghana/Lutheran Heritage Foundation

Many Christians live in Ghana (Africa), but there is an ever-growing number of Muslims, and the old animist ways of idol worship also persist. Pastors in the LCMS partner church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana, are requesting Lutheran-based Bible storybooks, Small Catechisms and devotions - translated in the language of their people - to help keep their families’ faith in Jesus Christ strong, and to share the Gospel with unbelievers.

  • $2,000 DOTS-Daughters of the Savior ... Depending on the Savior, Wives of Pastors Retreat/Nebraska District

When pastors accept a call, wives often do not have the same opportunities to connect with congregations and communities. Even if she develops friendships, she may be uncomfortable sharing family concerns/challenges for fear of being judged or negatively impacting her husband’s ministry. The goal of this project is to connect pastors’ wives so they have a safe place to be fed by the Gospel, create friendships and encourage one another to be equipped to partner with their pastor husbands.

  • $3,000 Jacmel Lutheran Home and Center of Refuge Orphanage/Lutheran Family Services of Haiti

This grant would be used for Lutheran Family Services of Haiti’s cradle-to-grave ministry during a dire time. Violent demonstrations against government corruptions and the president’s scandal-ridden past have brought the country’s shaky economy to a virtual standstill. Food and fuel are in extremely short supply. A mission grant would help provide food for the Center of Refuge Orphans. It would also help staff and operate the Jacmel Lutheran Home.

  • $500 Leadership Learning Community for Pastors in Nebraska

Workers who have healthier work, family, and social interactions can serve better. The Leadership Learning Community is designed to give pastors tools and encouragement to better integrate work, church and personal life together in a healthy way. Participating pastors will also be given tools to help them influence and lead the members of their congregations while developing these Christian leaders to put their faith into action.



Young Women Representatives

  • $3,000 Alaska Native Language Bible Storybooks/Alaska Mission for Christ

Alaska Mission for Christ-LCMS proclaims and practices the love of Jesus throughout the state in various culturally sensitive ways. Responding to the Alaska Native language crisis, AMC is publishing and distributing Gospel driven Bible storybooks in Native languages. These books are distributed by servant event teams in numerous villages and bring the love of Jesus to both children and adults

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